Reshaping excellence

About the monument to sound

The Orpheus, Sennheiser's new audiophile milestone, promises an unprecedented audio experience with outstanding technical innovations that make it the best headphone system in the world.

Integrated amplifiers - patented technology
The purest of all audio, shielded from the outside world, emerges from the heart through the Cool Class A MOSFET high-voltage amplifiers. These are integrated directly into the cups of the headphones using Sennheiser’s unique patented process.

Digital to analogue conversion
The monument to sound converts digital music data to analogue signals using the ESS SABRE ES9018 chip. When you experience Sennheiser's best ever sound, you'll be converted too.

Hand-crafted for ultimate comfort
The genuine leather ear cups are designed and built in Germany ensuring the highest possible comfort. Immerse yourself entirely in an audio experience which can be felt with all your senses.

The best of tube and transistor amplifiers
The patent-applied-for circuit design combines the best of tube and transistor amplifiers, to provide the ultimate audio experience.

A vault of pure silence
At its heart is a vault of pure silence, locked in with Sennheiser technology and heavily guarded against interference of any kind. Measuring just 0.01 percent at 100 dB SPL, Sennheiser has created a product with lower distortion than has ever been measured in sound reproduction equipment.

A golden audio experience
In order to create truly outstanding electrical and acoustic performance, Sennheiser utilizes transducers crafted from gold-vaporized ceramics.

A testament to craftsmanship
To create a visually stunning design, control dials are painstakingly crafted to the highest quality. Each dial is milled from a single piece of brass before being plated with chrome.

Ultra-high impulse fidelity
The monument to sound ushers in a new era of audio excellence. Its ultra-high impulse fidelity patented amplifier stage in the headphones increases efficiency by 200% over other currently available sound reproduction equipment.

Monumental purity
Crafted without compromise, the sound rises from the amplifiers through the 99.9% silver-plated cables, chosen for optimum conductivity. When it flows to the ear, a sound never before experienced is born.

Isolated from airborne noise
Nothing stands in the way of the listening pleasure created by this monument to sound. Not even airborne noise: High-quality quartz bulbs around the vacuum tubes eliminate all acoustic noise from the outside world.

Made of marble
An amplifier housing crafted of finest Carrara marble of the type once used by Michelangelo to build his sculptures. Due to its mass, purity and solidity, it is an unshakeable foundation for the ultimate sound.

When the monument to sound makes itself heard, 2.4 micrometer, platinum-vaporized diaphragms will set a new standard in perfection. As our research has shown, the optimal size for sound reproduction.

Frequency range
A monumental sound takes shape: an unprecedented, ultra-wide frequency range from 8 Hz to more than 100 kHz will exceed the human auditory range – and would be only perceivable by the combined hearing abilities of bats and elephants.

Get a glimpse of the upcoming monument to sound:


Monument to sound 1


Monument to sound 2


Monument to sound 3


Monument to sound 4


Tiny Human, composed by Imogen Heap.

Press Releases

  • Wedemark,

    A new chapter in audio excellence - Sennheiser presents the successor to the legendary Orpheus [long version]

    They are the best headphones in the world: with the successor to the legendary Orpheus, Sennheiser is presenting new high-end headphones that offer an unprecedented audio experience. The electrostatic headphone system combines to perfection the most innovative technology with carefully selected, luxurious materials and highest quality craftsmanship. A masterpiece that has its price: the high-end headphones, which will be hand-crafted in Germany from next year onwards, will cost around € 50,000.

    Download (2.15 mb)
  • Wedemark,

    The best headphones in the world - Sennheiser presents the successor to the legendary Orpheus [short version]

    They are the best headphones in the world: with the successor to the legendary Orpheus, Sennheiser is presenting new high-end headphones that offer an unprecedented audio experience. The electrostatic headphone system combines to perfection the most innovative technology with carefully selected, luxurious materials and highest quality craftsmanship. A masterpiece that has its price: the high-end headphones, which will be hand-crafted in Germany from next year onwards, will cost around € 50,000.

    Download (1.84 mb)
  • Wedemark,

    Creating an Online Monument to Sound - Sennheiser’s Reshaping Excellence campaign creates a WebGL-powered, immersive audio-visual experience to tease the launch of a mystery milestone product

    This November Sennheiser will be launching its “next big thing”: an exclusive audiophile product that will be a new milestone in the history of high-end audio. To build anticipation for the release, Sennheiser and creative agency Philipp und Keuntje have launched a unique WebGL-powered website as a focal point of the campaign, which will deliver an immersive experience that involves fans in the process of unveiling Sennheiser’s mystery milestone product. The website has already received leading industry accolades including “Site of the Day” (SOTD) and “Site of the Month” (SOTM) from the “Favourite Website Awards” and an Awwwards " “Site of the Month” Ribbon.

    Download (2.03 mb)
  • Wedemark,

    Creating a legend - Sennheiser's monumental “Reshaping Excellence” campaign builds anticipation for launch of audio specialist’s “next big thing”

    Sennheiser has committed to “Reshaping Excellence”, with a major global campaign spearheading the audio specialist’s mission to redefine the future of audio. Created in partnership with advertising agency Philipp und Keuntje, “Reshaping Excellence” is at the heart of a phased reveal for a mysterious new milestone product. Kicked off by unique live events, the buildup of the cross-channel campaign is being created by ground-breaking interactive online experiences, social media and PR, with initial teasers followed by major revelations as the November launch grows closer.

    Download (3.93 mb)
  • Wedemark,

    Reshaping Excellence – unique live concert experience and 3D immersive audio recording at Sennheiser event

    On 27th August 2015, audio specialist Sennheiser presented an extraordinary concert at London’s Central Hall Westminster, featuring performances by Grammy award-winning artist Imogen Heap and the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie orchestra conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer. The concert was part of an exclusive event that kicked off Sennheiser’s “Reshaping excellence” campaign, celebrating Sennheiser’s 70-year history of innovation and offering a very first look at the audio specialist’s next milestone audiophile product. The concert – including two world-firsts – was mixed in truly cutting-edge fashion by Tonmeister Gregor Zielinsky to demonstrate the immense potential of 3D immersive audio.

    Download (2.29 mb)
  • London/ Wedemark,

    Reshaping Excellence – Sennheiser teases the next milestone in high-end audio at exclusive London event

    Sennheiser CEOs Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser presented the world with its very first glimpse of the audio specialist’s next milestone product at an exclusive event at London’s Central Hall Westminster. Themed “Reshaping Excellence”, the celebration of sound and innovation marked Sennheiser’s 70th anniversary year and featured a unique concert performed to an audience of 1,200 guests by the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie orchestra and Grammy Award-winning artist Imogen Heap.

    Download (1.89 mb)

Press Images

  • orpheus_set_72dpi-6fe9b6e212de0073a5b9bbb1e1c73374
    The new Orpheus features an unprecedented sound experience with the ultimate in…
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  • orpheus_topview_72dpi-fd2437830c5689fdb2541f1fbd3789d7
    The amplifier’s eight vacuum tubes are decoupled from the Carrara marble housing and f…
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  • orpheus_detail_shots_transducer_72dpi-7490021771df2e0b5235879bc245c6cf
    With its unique transducer system, the new Orpheus has a frequency response of 8 hertz to…
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  • orpheus_detail_shot_dac_72dpi-66995173271171d71ef514cf9c91b749
    To convert the digital music data into analoge signals, the Orpheus uses the ESS SABRE…
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  • orpheus_detail_shot_earpad_72dpi-3735ba5d9b74d72abfdd3b0e19303392
    The genuine leather ear cushions are crafted in Germany and ensure the highest possible…
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  • orpheus_detail_shot_protective_guard_72dpi-43528811b0f61a599868d43f49aa1f0a
    The design of the Orpheus follows the principle of pushing the boundaries of what is…
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    Monument to sound 1
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    Monument to sound 2
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    Monument to sound 3
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  • reshaping_excellence_campaign_monument_to_sound_72dpi-43f1b821bbfc1070e419ab584d833f50
    Reshaping Excellence campaign: At the heart of the “Reshaping Excellence” is the audio spe…
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  • reshaping_excellence_campaign_website_72dpi-d275ec765f0e9612cd173a2598e83fcd
    Reshaping Excellence campaign: Through a combination of new information, story-telling…
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  • reshaping_excellence_campaign_imogen_heap_72dpi-1325e369d98ff54c0c5be29591ebad55
    Reshaping Excellence campaign: Together with the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie,…
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  • reshaping_excellence_london_central_hall_westminster-be4c80f71b0715f81b34bfb9f10bc648
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Central Hall Westminster.
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  • reshaping_excellence_london_audience-187f20c1a6e608b6a2730f69f04cd467
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Auditorium at Central Hall Westminster.
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  • reshaping-excellence_dr.andreas-and-daniel-sennheiser-72dpi-f655f178562820326298b8edeb223915
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Sennheiser CEOs Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser…
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_london_andreas_sennheiser-1-8ff027080d17df8d0667732a05aa693c
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Dr. Andreas Sennheiser.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • hd-800-gold_hdvd-800-gold_72dpi-58ec682f3c779a3513a40a4b0b46b724
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Held alongside the concert, a very special product…
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping-excellence_imogen-heap_72dpi-17805ac7e59277d74b2fb3a414d39a4b
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Appearing in her only live show of 2015, pioneering…
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  • reshaping_excellence_london_imogen_heap-372ee5a06011111fedff0aa533635c7d
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Imogen Heap on stage.
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  • reshaping-excellence_junge-deutsche-philharmonie_72dpi-4a77f3baf58601c09dfcb10f38820dab
    Reshaping Excellence in London: The concert of works by Philip Glass and György Ligeti …
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_london_junge_deutsche_philharmonie-1d72899f18dda9180ac9436de4f8e24c
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Jonathan Stockhammer and the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_london_recording_room-1f60de2f5143d08ef46abfe5bd1ccd50
    Reshaping Excellence in London: Peter Brandt of Remote Recording Network in the recording…
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_berlin_nikolaikiche_01-d028a71cd7773a7de0d8858b2caa442c
    Reshaping Excellence in Berlin: Nikolaikirche.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_berlin_nikolaikiche_02-e2e88369d5eef84160aab67ba6fe786e
    Reshaping Excellence in Berlin: Microphone set-up for 3D immersive audio recording.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_berlin_daniel_sennheiser-c9275afc867fa00aa2da3b815c9fd224
    Reshaping Excellence in Berlin: Daniel Sennheiser welcomes the audience.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_berlin_hd800_gold-5633bb72e806ea5e629150aa32e65d78
    Reshaping Excellence in Berlin: HD 800 Gold.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_berlin_jonathan_stockhammer-6b52035d05931306a2a5eec6e9ae6e48
    Reshaping Excellence in Berlin: Conductor Jonathan Stockhammer.
    300 dpi 72 dpi
  • reshaping_excellence_berlin_junge_deutsche_philarmonie_jonathan_stockhammer-93a513e5f051cbed4e5e507a5219b476
    Reshaping Excellence in Berlin: Jonathan Stockhammer conducts the Junge Deutsche…
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Press Videos

  • Impressions from Sennheiser's exclusive "Reshaping Excellence" event at London’s Central Hall Westminster on August 27th, 2015.

  • A sound force from a distant era is reborn. Descending monoliths carry it towards its destiny:
    a monument of sound.